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 We use high-quality shampoo for all our pets. Double K Groomers Edge shampoos, conditioners, colognes, Furminator Shampoo, and Davis Medicated Shampoos

We offer the Premium Package which includes a special shampoo of your choice, conditioner, nail grinding, and Cranberry Facial for $15. This excludes Deep Medicated shampoo, Flea and tick shampoo, and Deskunking package. 

Whitening Shampoo  $8 - ALPHA WHITE™ deep cleaning conditioning shampoo is the perfect choice for deep, thorough, yet gentle cleaning of animals with white coats or markings. Long‑lasting results leave animals looking, feeling, and smelling great long after ALPHA WHITE™ is used. Humectant and emollient-rich formulas enrich the animal's hair and skin. May be used regularly for beautiful, show ring results. 

Basic Medicated Shampoo $8 - FURST AID™ professional, medicated shampoo soothes and helps heal irritated skin. This unique formula incorporates the long-trusted blend of refined Coal Tar, Salicylic Acid, and Sulfur with the natural healing properties of Jojoba Oil and Aloe.

Oatmeal Shampoo $5 - OATMELLA™ Professional Shampoo combines the traditional healing properties of Oatmeal, Melaleuca (tea tree oil) and Aloe in a rich, therapeutic shampoo for a natural skin-soothing treatment. OATMELLA™ helps calm itchy skin and exfoliate dry flaky skin cells. The unique formula helps to eliminate odors often associated with skin irritations.

Deep Medicated Shampoos $ 15 - Davis KetoHexidine Shampoo - Expertly formulated with highly effective ingredients, Davis® KetoHexidine™ Shampoo was developed to alleviate minor to moderate skin irritation caused by various microorganisms. 

Davis MicoHexadine Shampoo - Broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal medicated cleansing shampoo with both Miconazole Nitrate and Chlorhexidine Gluconate. Highly effective ingredients help improve the condition of unhealthy skin or coats caused by fungi, yeast, or bacteria. Ph balanced and fragrance-free addresses conditions associated with ringworm and Malassezia dermatitis including irritated skin, greasiness, loss of hair, scaly skin, and poor odor. Washes away microorganisms that can cause itching and dry, patchy skin leaving a coat that is refreshed.

Low Shed Shampoo $ 10 - FURminator DeShedding Shampoo dramatically reduces shedding by 60%-80% with FURminator® deShedding Shampoo. A premium shampoo for long- and short-haired dogs and cats improves skin health, promotes healthy hair growth, and adds elasticity to the hair shaft to reduce shedding.

Flea and Tick Shampoo $ 15 - TropiClean Natural Flea/Tick Shampoo - Kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes by contact. Maximum strength formula repels fleas for up to 7 days. This natural essential blend contains some of nature’s most powerful pest fighting ingredients, maximized with lemongrass and sesame oil, for long-lasting effects. Powerful and effective but safe enough for routine pet baths on dogs and puppies 12 weeks and older.

Conditioner $5 - The Solution Detangler/Conditioner - is a gentle, all-natural pet conditioner formula with no harsh chemicals. A versatile conditioner is effective on a wide range of coat types.

DeSkunking Package $15 - Skunk Off Shampoo - Eliminate skunk odor with safe and effective Skunk Off Shampoo. Non-drying, gentle formula neutralizes odors.

Odor Eliminator Shampoo $15 - AROMATIC Shampoo - Excellent for treating summer skin problems, Groomer's Edge® AROMATIC™ deodorizing shampoo is pesticide-free and organic. 

Nail grinding added to grooming package $5 - done with a grinding tool to help smooth and shorten nails. 

Nail grinding or trimming as a walk-in service $ 11

Anal glands as a walk-in service $10

Anal glands added to grooming package $5

Ear cleaning walk-in service $10

Brush out walk-in service $20 per 10 minutes of brushing

* All information was pulled from the manufactures websites to give accurate information.

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