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The Trim Package would include the bath in basic shampoo, nail trimming, ear cleaning, light trimming to feathers, feet, face, and sanitary area,s and brushed out. Prices range from $45 to $88 depending on the size of the dog.

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Prices for trimming packages are done by weight, coat type, the shape of coat and temperament of the dog. 

Starting at

0 - 25lbs. $45

26 - 50 lbs. $55

51 - 75lbs. $77

76 -and up to $88

The trimming Package comes with a bath in basic or grime shampoo two times to make sure the coat is clean, nail trimming, ear cleaning, brush-out with the appropriate brush for your dog, trimming of feathers, feet, face and sanitary area, bandana, or bows are included in the package.  A special shampoo, conditioner, anal glands, or nail grinding can be added to any bath package.

Special shampoos include oatmeal, low shed, medicated, odor eliminator, natural flea and tick, skunk package, and whitening. 

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