Light Trimming


Light trimming would include the bath, conditioner, nail grinding or trimming, ear cleaning, anal glands, brushing out, trimming of sani area, the bottom of paw pads, trimming face, around feet and feathering. Prices range from $38 to $72 depending on the size of the dog and work to be done.



Prices for trimming service is done by weight, coat type, shape of coat and temperament of dog. 

Starting at

0 - 25lbs. $33 to $38

26 - 50 lbs. $43 to$49

51 - 75lbs. $53 to $61

76 -and up to $63 to $72

Special shampoos are oatmeal, low shed, medicated, odor eliminator, natural flea and tick, and whitening

Trimming service includes the first bath in basic or grimenator shampoo, to make sure your dog is as clean as possible and that the special shampoo can do its job. The second shampoo is the special shampoo of your choice (listed above). Then the conditioner is to help with dry skin and coat but also to help keep that clean dog smell longer. Nail grinding is included if dog tolerates it otherwise nail trimming. Ear cleaning and plucking, anal glands have done during the bath. Brushing of the coat, shaving paw pads, sanitary areas, cleaning up face if needed and trimming of feathers or cleaning up the coat by evening things up. Each dog goes home with a fashionable bandanna or bows.